Aug 27, 2019

Six Awesome Benefits of Online Marketing

In the digital marketing space so much has changed yet nothing has changed over the past year. What do we mean? Digital marketing and social media marketing is an ever-changing environment. With new bells and whistles constantly being introduced by social media platforms, marketers are always researching best practices and where to target their demographic. For example: Facebook Live or IGTV? There’s a big difference depending on who your consumer is.

But what hasn’t changed? Digital marketing remains a powerhouse when it comes to penetrating the industry and getting your message to your consumers. An effective digital marketing program is a wise-investment of time and money that can help you grow your business.

Here are SIX AWESOME BENEFITS of online marketing:

1. Cost Effective – When you compare the cost of a billboard that attracts a specific amount of daily traffic (when they’re paying attention) as opposed to an on-line marketing campaign that can be global, the decision is often easy. Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and it delivers trackable, measurable results.

2. Larger Reach – We aren’t all reading the paper anymore. We aren’t all watching television the way we traditionally used to. We aren’t all even listening to the radio the way we once did. But we are almost all online! It just makes sense to reach people where they spend most of their time, right?

3. Analytics – We know that data is essential for businesses. The better you understand the data the more you know about your target audience. Your digital marketing analytics can tell you who your customer is, where they live, how they live, what they’re interested in and help you better understand what they want to buy. If you’re not diving into the data you’re shooting blanks with your digital marketing campaign. Analytics also improve the efficiency of your business and help you understand where to invest your resources.

4. Levels the Playing Field – I’m typically not one for a sports analogy but this one I love! With the right marketing content, graphics and execution a little league baseball team can look like a major league baseball team online. Digital marketing levels the playing field for small and medium size businesses to compete with the big boys. Your website and social media pages are critical. Research done by the AMA shows consumers can make a decision on a company within 5 seconds after landing on a home page. What’s your bounce rate? Are people landing on your website and quickly leaving? You have the ability to play with the big boys online – don’t miss out!

5. Communicate with Your Customers – Never before has communicating with your customers and potential customers been so easy! If you’re effective with your social media content it’s likely you’ll get people to engage with you. Ask them questions! Encourage them to ask you questions! And start the conversation!

6. Better Conversion Rates – Whether you’re trying to convert traffic into leads, subscribers or sales you’ll have a better chance of conversion online. Through content marketing, social media marketing and strong brand awareness, digital marketing delivers stronger conversion. Your digital marketing campaign should encompass SEO, social media and email marketing frequently.

If you feel like your digital and online marketing are missing the mark let MC PR & Marketing review your current campaigns and help you get on track.


  • Plain and simple, Maria and her team at MCPR Agency will make you look great!  For Glenn Layton Homes, it’s so important for the clean architectural design of our homes to be reflected as our brand and without a doubt that’s what MC PR & Marketing provides for us.  They keep us updated on current trends and ensures that our brand is consistent in all marketing efforts. Everything from our social media content, advertisements, press releases, brochures and of course our beautiful magazine has that same clean and elegant flow.  They’re so easy to work with, quick turnaround and they make your brand look good in the process.

    • Katrina Watkins, Sales and Marketing Broker
    • Glenn Layton Homes
  • MC PR & Marketing did an amazing job getting started on marketing my medical practice!  The staff is incredibly creative, attentive and detail oriented.  Their level of knowledge and customer service is second to none!  I always feel like I’m their most important client!  Their recent marketing campaign proved to be very successful for my practice and we received several leads – proven ROI!

    • Dr. Stratis Lagoutaris
    • Podiatry Associates of Florida
  • Maria Chrissovergis and team has helped Artisan Homes tremendously in all areas of our PR and marketing ventures. Along with aiding in design elements of our website, marketing collateral material and visual branding. MCPR has helped us in spreading the true meaning of Artisan Homes to The Florida Times Union, Amelia Island Chamber, and more to come in 2018.

    As one of Northeast Florida’s premier local home builders, we greatly appreciate the assistance and expertise from MC Public Relations and Marketing and look forward all future projects together.

    • Scott Dennis, President
    • Artisan Homes
  • I can say, 110% certainty, that Maria, Jennifer, Anastasia and the rest of the MCPR team are patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.  Their guidance helped me take my online and social media marketing to the ‘next level’, and without their help, I can honestly say that I would have been lost.  Highly recommended!

    • Mike
    • Tampa
  • Recently I had a competing builder visit one of our models and he loved our magazine.  He asked how come they didn’t have something like this and I replied, because they don’t have MC PR & Marketing! Being a boutique custom home builder, it’s necessary to have a team that gives you every essential part of public relations and sometimes on a moment’s notice.  I can’t tell you the times I’ve sent a request late one day and find the beautiful results waiting in inbox the following morning.  This is the kind of quality service you can expect with MC PR & Marketing. You couldn’t ask for a better agency to partner with.  

    • Katrina Watkins, Sales and Marketing Broker
    • Glenn Layton Homes
  • …Our experience working with MC Public Relations & Marketing has been nothing short of phenomenal.  From discussing branding and marketing strategy, to sales training and event coordination, every element of our campaign was handled perfectly, so much so that after going “live” in April, we signed our first three clients before the end of the month. Maria and her team are an essential, integral part of our continued success (sometimes we forget she’s not an actual employee of Aria Homes!), and we are grateful for her keen eye, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our growth and success.

    • Irina Johnson, President
    • Aria Homes
  • As someone who has an extensive background in marketing and advertising, I am pretty selective when it comes to hiring an agency to represent my listings. MC Public Relations & Marketing is delivering incredible results. People continue to make references to my real estate listings and a lot of the buzz is being generated from my social media marketing which MC Public Relations & Marketing is handling. They have incredible sense of how to market, where to market and what to market. And the results show, this team is exceptional!

    • Maria Pappas
    • The Legends of Real Estate
  • I want to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the exceptional value you have added to YCC’s efforts to increase the community awareness of our services. Through your focused approach, our social media connections have increased multiple times from the volume they were at when we began working with your agency approximately eighteen months ago. This increase has directly produced donations and visits to our campus by interested members of our community. Thank you for your professionalism and for the commitment you demonstrate to helping YCC.

    • Greg Steele, President/CEO
    • Youth Crisis Center
  • …I’ve known Maria Chrissovergis for a number of years, and consider her to be the best of the best in Public Relations. Maria has worked directly for me as well as in consulting positions. She understands our industry and how to leverage media exposure in a purposeful way…

    • Glenn Layton, Managing Partner
    • Glenn Layton Homes &
      Builder of the HGTV Smart Home 2013
  • It has been a pleasure working with Maria and her marketing team over the past few years. The MC Public Relations & Marketing team of highly motivated and talented staff have created some of the most productive and successful digital and print media for our projects that I have experienced in years. I am most appreciative of the team’s complete understanding of the real estate business including, both the new homes and existing home sales and marketing. Maria and her team’s combined knowledge and experience in real estate public relations, marketing and sales puts them in a unique position as a PR and Marketing agency.

    We are thankful for their creative ideas and most of all for the success we have experienced on our projects. We look forward to a continuing relationship as we bring new projects to the market.

    • Timothy G. Shea, President
    • Shea Properties, Inc.

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