Apr 07, 2017

Likes, Camera, Action!

Taking photos for social media can be overwhelming. Ostensibly, you could just snap a picture with your smartphone in a few seconds, but today we have an increasingly higher standard for photo quality on our feeds. So how can your business produce better photo content for your social channels? We’ve got some basic pointers for you.

It may seem obvious, but always make sure that your subject is in focus. On a smartphone, a simple a tap where you want the camera to focus will remedy the problem. At first glance, pictures on an LCD screen might seem OK, but it’s worth your time to give your photo a second look. When in doubt, take several photos to ensure that you have the money shot.

For photography, light is your best friend. Even with the plethora of high quality lenses and photo editing software available, good lighting will put your pictures far ahead of the pack.

  1. Avoid harsh light sources
    • This prevents strong shadows from breaking up your photo.
  2. No photos at noon
    • Outdoor shots should not be taken when the sun is above your subject.
  3. Mood lighting = poor photos
    • Pictures taken in a dim restaurant, ballroom, or nighttime atmosphere rarely have enough light for high quality photos.

Think of photos like a sentence; they require proper structure to properly convey meaning. When you can take a second to compose a photo, your social media accounts will thank you.

  1. Say no to zoom
    • Smartphones have digital zoom, which actually reduces clarity the more you zoom in.
  2. Move your feet
    • Avoid awkward angles and cut off limbs—place yourself in the best view of your subject.
  3. Clarify
    • Keep the background of your photo as simple as possible to prevent a chaotic picture.

Photo editing can seem like an enigmatic skill, but with today’s technology, anyone can easily give their pictures a professional polish. Working a little editing magic frees you from prepackaged filters and can give your brand a unique style. Every major smartphone manufacturer gives you the ability to adjust these important settings — don’t be afraid to try them out!

Adjusting exposure affects the amount of light in a photo. Increasing a photo’s exposure brightens the photo — specifically the light sources. Changing exposure can improve photos that appear too bright or too dim. A word of caution: increasing exposure too much will lead to graininess — good lighting is still your best friend.

Manipulating this aspect of your photo will impact how lighting and color differences appear. Increasing contrast will create more definition, emphasize shadows, and make your picture more dramatic. Contrast improvements help the most with black and white photos, hazy pictures, and ones that feature shapes and patterns. Feel free to play around with contrast— it can give you huge style points!

Color (or the lack of it) plays a vital role in each photo. Increasing or decreasing saturation impacts how much color appears in your picture. It can be used to correct a shot that appears washed out or to give your photo a unique flair. Adjusting your photo’s saturation is an easy way to change the look of your photo without relying on pre-made filters.

Everything else!
We’ve never had so much editing power at our fingertips! Settings such as highlights, shadows, and temperature are just some of the other helpful tools at your disposal. Taking just 15 minutes to explore these features will radically change your online photos.

Overwhelmed? That’s OK! These tips can drastically improve your social media presence and are well worth your time. The world of PR is increasingly visual, so don’t get left behind. If this feels like too much to juggle, we’d love to help — reach out!



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    • Greg Steele, President/CEO
    • Youth Crisis Center
  • …I’ve known Maria Chrissovergis for a number of years, and consider her to be the best of the best in Public Relations. Maria has worked directly for me as well as in consulting positions. She understands our industry and how to leverage media exposure in a purposeful way…

    • Glenn Layton, Managing Partner
    • Glenn Layton Homes &
      Builder of the HGTV Smart Home 2013
  • It has been a pleasure working with Maria and her marketing team over the past few years. The MC Public Relations & Marketing team of highly motivated and talented staff have created some of the most productive and successful digital and print media for our projects that I have experienced in years. I am most appreciative of the team’s complete understanding of the real estate business including, both the new homes and existing home sales and marketing. Maria and her team’s combined knowledge and experience in real estate public relations, marketing and sales puts them in a unique position as a PR and Marketing agency.

    We are thankful for their creative ideas and most of all for the success we have experienced on our projects. We look forward to a continuing relationship as we bring new projects to the market.

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